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Over 50 years in The Biz

Here we are, over 50 years later, and Top Hat is still providing top shelf service. Rest assured that when you hand the keys over to us that your car is in the best of hands from start to finish. We have a team at the end of the line to finish your car for that professional touch. As prices, technology and our world continues to change we have been with you, and we will stay with you.

Thank You for Your Loyalty!

Remember When...

A Gallon of Gas was 33ยข

A New Car was only $2,800

Car Radios only had AM

Gas Stations were Full Service, after the attendant pumped your gas, your windows were cleaned and your tires and oil were checked.

Sinclair, Cities Service, Gulf and American were where you purchased gas. You paid with Cash, your gas card, Bank Americard or Mastercharge.

The Corvette Sting Ray, T-Bird, Lincoln Premier, Oldsmobile and Cadillac Sedan de Ville ruled the road with their white-wall tires and electric antennas.

There were no airbags. The airbag was invented by Allen Breed the same year that Top Hat had its grand opening and seatbelts were just being introduced.

In 1968, when Top Hat first opened its doors, the world was in an entirely different place. Tell us the story of your first car. E-Mail us at and we will post it on our Community Board. We would love to hear from you!